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Run Unikernel applications on VMware vSphere with UniK

Author image Simon Guyennet on Cloud, VMware, vSphere, Unikernel, UniK

Unikernel applications form a new way to bundle your applications directly in a lightweight kernel. Your application is cross-compiled with a kernel in which only the necessary features needed for your application to run are embedded. The result is a very light footprint and an image that is very fast to boot. To give you an idea of the footprint of a Unikernel application, we are talking in Kilobytes here! There are many different types of Unikernel that are listed on the website. The most famous of them are MirageOS and Rump. UniK is a tool which facilitates...

Deploy Kubernetes on VMware vSphere with Kubo

Author image Simon Guyennet on Cloud, VMware, vSphere, Kubernetes

During the second day of VMWorld 2017 in Las Vegas, VMware, Google, and Pivotal unveiled their partnership regarding Pivotal Container Service aka PKS. This product will be designed to deploy, in an automatic fashion, enterprise grade Kubernetes clusters on VMware vSphere. PKS will be based on the Pivotal open source project Kubo. Kubo stands for Kubernetes Bosh as it leverages Bosh Director to deploy Kubernetes. If you would like a taste of what PKS will be, here is how to deploy Kubernetes on VMware vSphere with Kubo. Preriquisites For this lab we will need an Ubuntu 16.04 client machine...