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Monitor Kubernetes with Prometheus

Author image Simon Guyennet on Cloud, Kubernetes, Monitoring

Prometheus is a monitoring tool originally created by SoundCloud. The project is now part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Prometheus is very useful to monitor your Kubernetes infrastructure as well as your workload running in your Kubernetes cluster. Prerequisites The only prerequisite for this lab is a working Kubernetes cluster. Installation of Prometheus To deploy Prometheus in our Kubernetes cluster, we will use a project developed by CoreOS called Prometheus Operator. 1- Clone the Prometheus Operator GitHub project. $ git clone 2- Go to the prometheus-operator/contrib/kube-prometheus directory. $ cd prometheus-operator/contrib/kube-prometheus 3-...

Deploy Kubernetes 1.9 from scratch on VMware vSphere

Author image Simon Guyennet on Cloud, VMware, vSphere, Kubernetes, Container

This lab will go through the different steps needed to configure an HA Kubernetes cluster on VMware vSphere manually. The various communications between the Kubernetes components will be secured with TLS. If you are used to deploy Kubernetes with tools like kubeadm but would like to understand a bit more what is going on under the hood, this tutorial is for you. However, it is good to have an understanding of the architecture of each Kubernetes node as described in the Kubernetes components documentation. This article is inspired by the awesome tutorial Kubernetes the hard way, which explains how to...

Deploy Kubernetes on VMware vSphere with Kubo

Author image Simon Guyennet on Cloud, VMware, vSphere, Kubernetes

During the second day of VMWorld 2017 in Las Vegas, VMware, Google, and Pivotal unveiled their partnership regarding Pivotal Container Service aka PKS. This product will be designed to deploy, in an automatic fashion, enterprise grade Kubernetes clusters on VMware vSphere. PKS will be based on the Pivotal open source project Kubo. Kubo stands for Kubernetes Bosh as it leverages Bosh Director to deploy Kubernetes. If you would like a taste of what PKS will be, here is how to deploy Kubernetes on VMware vSphere with Kubo. Preriquisites For this lab we will need an Ubuntu 16.04 client machine...