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Install and configure a multi-master Kubernetes cluster with kubeadm

Author image Simon Guyennet on Cloud, Kubernetes, Container, Kubeadm

Kubeadm is a tool which is part of the Kubernetes project. It is designed to help with the deployment of Kubernetes. It is currently a work in progress and it has some limitations. One of these limitations is that it doesn't support multi-master (high availability) configuration. This tutorial will go through the steps allowing to work around this limitation. Prerequisites For this lab, we will use a standard Ubuntu 16.04 installation as a base image for the seven machines needed. The machines will all be configured on the same network,, and this network needs...

Deploy Kubernetes 1.9 from scratch on VMware vSphere

Author image Simon Guyennet on Cloud, VMware, vSphere, Kubernetes, Container

This lab will go through the different steps needed to configure an HA Kubernetes cluster on VMware vSphere manually. The various communications between the Kubernetes components will be secured with TLS. If you are used to deploy Kubernetes with tools like kubeadm but would like to understand a bit more what is going on under the hood, this tutorial is for you. However, it is good to have an understanding of the architecture of each Kubernetes node as described in the Kubernetes components documentation. This article is inspired by the awesome tutorial Kubernetes the hard way, which explains how to...

Deploy VMware vSphere Integrated Containers 1.2.1

Author image Simon Guyennet on Cloud, VMware, vSphere, Docker, Container, VIC

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers aka VIC is a new product released by VMware last year. It comes with a vSphere Enterprise Plus license. This new product allows you to deploy containers as vSphere virtual machines from the Docker command line interface. VMware vSphere Integrated Containers bundles three different open source projects: Admiral, which is a management web interface; Harbor, which is a Docker registry; and VIC engine, which is the core of VMware vSphere Integrated Containers. You can see VIC engine as a translator from Docker API calls to VMware vSphere API calls. The container virtual machines are running a...